After much deliberation we have decided to open up registrations, even though we have not found a title sponsor. Why? Because people want a race. All of you, the riders, the community, the bystanders and fans that have been excited by a novel format and the promise of something different want the Munga to happen. So this is what we are going to do:

Our dilemma was not a simple one. Our vision is to still put on a race that gives away $1 Million, but, with the drastic decline of the Rand, there is a very real chance that we don't find one this year and run the risk of the Munga been postponed again. So, we will continue to work to that end.

Also, the majority of our entrants last year were quite honest about the fact that they were not racing for the money, but were rather intrigued and excited by the format. So, the format will stay exactly the same, and the race will run on the same dates, but there will be a much smaller prize purse.

Also, we have significantly reduced the entry fee making the prospect of racing the Munga more affordable. Much has been said in the last six months and we have listened. Above all, people want the race to go on. And that's exactly whats going to happen. So, what are you waiting for? Get your entry in!

Being tough is not a right or a privilege.

Its a choice.