The Doolhof Diaries, is be a collaborative venture between Doolhof Wine Estate, The Munga, and EP Digital, promising to be a compelling anthology of Munga Rider Stories.

This ambitious project aims to capture the essence of our ultra-endurance race, delving into everyone’s Munga experience. Everyone’s story is unique and everyone’s story is welcome from all our Munga family members over the years, race village volunteers, water point volunteers, sponsors, suppliers & of course our valued rider experiences. We want to hear from everyone with a Munga related tale to tell, be it about your journey, thoughts, laughter, situations, setbacks, triumphs, experiences & adventures during your remarkably unique journey during the event.

As everyone shares their personal tales, these narratives will find a home both here online and in printed book format by next year. Doolhof Wine Estate, in partnership with The Munga and EP Digital, is dedicated to collecting these stories, creating a rich tapestry that encapsulates the spirit of this grueling race.

To incentivize participants, the best monthly story will get a Doolhof hamper, and the overall best story received will earn its author a coveted free entry to The Munga 2025 race, ensuring that your passion and determination continues to fuel the legacy of this extraordinary event.

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